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5 Important Tips to Follow for Writing a Quality Blog Post.

A great content is one of the prerequisites of success in blogging. Truly speaking, it is easy to create a blog and more easy to publish a post in blog. But, publish a great content is not so easy. To produce a great content you must be a great writer. Only a great writer can produce a great content. If you want to do well in blogging, you have to publish a good post. However, there are some tips or recommendations are given below to build a great content:

1. Read more: It is said that if you read more, you will learn more. If you learn more, you can write more. If you can write more, you can develop your writing. Developed or enriched writing is one of the major factors to do well in blogging. Sometimes good blogging can be great source of earning revenue. From my experience I can give you an example in this regard, to me most of the bloggers try to earn money through blogging. Their only dream is to get Adsense. But, getting Adsense is not really easy! Various factors depend on it. Publishing a enriched or good content in blog is also one of the major factors. However, to be a great writer, you must read more and more. You can read magazines, periodicals, newspapers, article on different subjects etc. 

2. Write more: To write quality content you must form the habit of writing. You always have to write more and more. It is found that one who has the habit of regular writing can produce good contents. We know that practice is the prerequisite of good performance. For so, it is said that practice makes a man perfect. Without practice a man cannot do anything well. Actually, writing is a part of practice. If you write more and more, that means you practice more. This more writing turns you a great writer from the ordinary ones. Keep in mind that getting or acquiring valuable something is not easy at all! A lot of time and labor have to invest behind it. To write well, you have to invest much time and labor behind it.

3. Be creative: Be creative instead of copying others. Is it possible to be a great content writer copying others’ content? No! it is impossible at all! If you want to produce good and unique content, you must be more creative one. Without creativity, one cannot produce anything. Writing something well is not exceptional to this. Therefore, always try to be creative to write better something. 

4. Enrich vocabulary: If you know more word, you can write more. To be a great content writer, sufficient word meaning must have under you. If you know little words, you can never use more words in enriching your writing. Therefore, enrich your vocabulary producing a great blog content.

5. Pay attention in Grammar: We know that grammar controls the language. We have to use grammar when we write something. To write correctly, you have to give importance in grammatical rules in writing blog posts. You have to take clear idea about some grammatical items like parts of speech, tense, active and passive voice, preposition, appropriate preposition, right form of verbs, article, narration, pronoun, verbal noun, infinitive, subject-verb-agreement, gerund etc.

12 basic structures of making parts in quality blog/website content writing.

Are you a blogger or content writer? You of course want to publish a post in blog or website without occurring grammatical mistakes as much as possible. Do you know that it is easy to publish a post but it is difficult to publish post of maintaining quality. To write all parts of your content in grammatically correct is one of the parts of making blog/website's content with maintaining quality. That should be followed by the every publishers of blog or website. But, building a quality content depends on some factors. Using the right structure is one of the great factors among them. In this post, I have tried to show how to use proper structure of sentence in different situations in case of writing blog/website content. 

01. If any part of your content’s idea indicates any habitual facts, universal truth and scientific truth, use the structure in making a quality content’s part. [Subject of the part + Base form of verbs (if subject is 3rd person singular number, add ‘s/es’ with the verb) + the rest part of the part.

02. If you use some the words in the part such as always, regularly, generally, usually, occasionally, normally, naturally, frequently, often etc., use structure 1 in making sentence.

03. If you want to make a question with such kind of sentences, follow the structure. The structure is [Do/does (if subject of the sentence indicates a single something except you and I use ‘does’ and if indicates plural something, use ‘do’) + subject of the sentence + Verb + a question mark (?). 

04. If any part of your content’s idea indicates any continuous tasks, firstly use subject of the part + use am/is/are (use ‘am’ after ‘I’, use is after singular and use ‘are’ after any plural subject.) + use ‘ing’ with the verb + the rest part of the part.

05. Use the structure of number 4 if you have to use some words in the part such as ‘now, at this moment, at present, day by day, increasingly, rapidly etc.

06. If any part of your content’s idea indicates any task that is complete to done but its result is still now, in this situation, firstly use subject of the part + use have/has (use ‘have’ after ‘I’, ‘you’ and all plural subjects. On the other hand, use ‘has’ after all singular subjects.) + use past participle form of verb + the rest part of the part

07. Use the structure of number 6 if you have to use some words in the part such as ‘just, just now, already, yet, ever, lately, recently, immediately etc.

08. If any part of your content’s idea indicates any task that began starting in the past and is still running, in this situation, firstly use subject of the part + use have been/has been (use ‘have been’ after ‘I’, ‘you’ and all plural subjects. On the other hand, use ‘has been’ after all singular subjects.) + use ‘ing’ with the verb + the rest part of the part.

09. If any part of your content’s idea indicates any task that completed totally in the past, in this situation, firstly use subject of the part + past form of verb (in case of singular or plural subjects) + the rest part of the part.

10. Use the structure of number 9 if you have to use some words in the part such as ‘yesterday, one day, ago, last, last night, once, once upon a time, in 2012, in the past, previously, before etc.

11. If any part of your content’s idea indicates any task that was continuous in the past, firstly use subject of the part + use was/were (use ‘was’ after ‘I’ and all singular subjects, use ‘were’ after all plural subjects) + use ‘ing’ with the verb + the rest part of the part.

12. If any part of your content’s idea indicates any task that will occur in future, firstly use subject of the part + use shall/will (use ‘shall’ after ‘I’ and ‘we’, use ‘will’ after ‘you’ and all plural subjects) + use base form of verb + the rest part of the part.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

10 Basic Requirements of Your Site Applying for Adsense.

Adsense account approval is the only dream of every blogger or website owner. But, getting Adsense is not so easy! The publishers regarding their blog or website must fulfill some definite conditions. Truly speaking, Adsense approval for the publishers of Bangladesh, India and Chaina is comparatively difficult than that of the publishers of Canada, USA and European countries. 

10 basic requirements of your site applying for Adsense:

1. Age: You and your site both must have eligibility to participate in Adsense. You have to  minimum 18 years old and the old of the site must be minimum 6 months. This time is for the publishers of Bangladesh, India and Chaina. Google wants to ensure the quality of their advertising network and the protection of interest of their existing publishers and advertisers. Therefore, before applying for Adsense, make sure that your site’s age is minimum 6 months. 

2. Adult content: Google does not approve Adsense for any site that contains pornographic, adult or mature related content. Therefore, make sure before applying for Adsense that there are no any pornographic images, cartoons, sexual tips, sexual site’s link etc. You can learn more about adult content policy

3. Disgrace content: The site’s content that may create violence among the individuals or groups is not eligible for getting Adsense. Besides, Google does not approve Adsense for any site that contains any content that provokes or motivates to hate any religion, gender, disability and tribal community. Therefore, be careful about the content you make in your site for Adsense.

4. Copied content: The content of your site must be unique. Google doesn’t approve Adsense for any site that contains other content, video, image etc. Therefore, make sure before applying for Adsense that there is no any copied material in your site. 

5. Drug or alcoholic content: Make sure that there is no any alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs and herbal drugs related content in your site. You can learn more about it.

5. Hacking or cracking content: Make sure that there is no any hacking or cracking content in your site. This type of content illegal in the eye of Google. You can learn more about it.

7. Sufficient content: Minimum how many posts must have in a site for applying Adsense? At least 30 posts must have in your site. The minimum number of words in a single post is 500-600. If your site does not fulfill this policy, your site does not pass the 1st step of review. You will get email saying insufficient content from Adsense team. Therefore., make sure before applying for Adsense that your site’s have sufficient content.

Besides these, to be sufficient content, make sure the following: 

There is no any login box on the page, because crawler will not go past to login your page to review.

F There is no any locked or payment requirement page. If there is so crawlers can’t access the page to review.

There should not a lot of flash images, pictures, videos and JavaScript. Remember that crawlers are not JavaScript based rather they are text based. 

8. Friendly for the users: Your site should be friendly for the users. Add a search box so that visitors can easily find out what they are searching from your site. You should place the search box such a place of your site so that visitors can easily find it.

9. Add a sitemap: Sitemap helps the visitors to know details about your site. Visitors can decide whether they should visit the site or not. Besides, visitors can see all the post title at a glance. But, the sitemap should be understandable for the visitors.

You might need: 
01. Primary Idea About Google Adsense.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Primary Idea About Google Adsense.

Google Adsense:

Google operated one kind of online advertising program is called Google Adsense. In this system, publishers get revenue in exchange of displaying advertisement in their sites according to maintain definite rules and regulations. Google maintains and administrates the Adsense. Publishers earn revenue in the basis of cost-per-click. If you have a website, blog or forum and you get Adsense, then it will be considered as Adsense for content. In this system, you can earn revenue by displaying Google ads in your website, blog or forum. The displaying ads in your site have to be related to your site’s content. Today Adsense has acquired a great popularity among the online users.

From the press release of Google it has been known that in 2003, Google launched this advertising monetizing program for websites. It is true that every year Google earns a larger portion of revenue through it. Google runs it through a program that is called AdWords. In this system, the advertisers have to pay a definite amount of money on per click for their ads. Publisher can display text or image ads or both types of ads in your site and you will earn if people clicks on the ads. You will get 68% and Google will get the rest amount of money. Actually, it is a Google’s program and this program is called Adsense. 

More tips about Adsense:

➢ Adsense is operated by Google.
➢ Publishers have not to spend a single amount to get Adsense.
➢ Today it is a great source of income of the millions of publishers.
➢ Adsense is approved for not only for content sites but also it is for mobiles, video, search products, games etc. 
➢ The system of Adsense is not very difficult.
➢ All sites is not worthy of getting Adsense. The definite sites that maintain the Google rules mat get Adsense.
➢ Certain rules must be maintained for the publishers to get Adsense.
➢ Google takes 32% and publishers get 68% of the total revenue. 

Actually, Google plays role of mediator of the advertiser and publishers. The entrepreneurs who want to advertise for their products have to enroll through Google Adwords. On the other hand, publishers of the advertisement have to apply for the advertisement for getting Adsense. If the advertisement publishers is approved by Google for placing ads to their sites, they begins to show advertisement in their sites. Thus they earn revenue in exchange of placing advertisement in their site. It is Adsense that provides a great opportunity to monetize your traffic. 

However, Adsense is a great program that can help you a lot to earn revenue through displaying ads in your site. But, you should keep in mind that if you want to get Adsense for your site, the site must be eligible to participate in Adsense.


Google does not approve Adsense for all kinds of sites. There are some restrictions to get Adsense. Such as, Google never approves Adsense for any pornographic sites. Besides, it also does not approve any site that contains alcoholic, smocking, weapon and gambling related content. Learn more about it. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Using of 4 Important Tools For The New Bloggers

My today's post is a little bit different from my other posts on blog. Because, in that posts I discussed about the tools like labels, permalink, jump break etc. that are comparatively difficult than that of the today's one. My today's post is only for the new bloggers. New bloggers may hesitate about the using of the following several tools. For this reason, I've discussed about using of these tools. 

1. Spelling Checking Tool:

It is one of the important tools in blogger. We usually make spelling mistake during writing post in blog. This kind of mistake can easily be avoided using this tool. You know that when you make any spelling mistake, a red underline shows if you previously set this option in your computer. In the time of blog writing, to correct a spelled word, at first select the spelled word; then click on the check spelling tool icon (the screenshot of the tool are given below). A yellow color will be visible on the spelled word. Then click again the spelled word. Select the wright word in the scroll down. 

2. Remove Formatting Tool:

Text formatting is a great tool in blogger. The following red mark icon of the screenshot is called the 'Remove Formatting' tool.

Most of the bloggers do not write their posts in blogger online format rather they write in their Microsoft Word document format. Most of them publish a new post bringing or pasting from ms word file. The problem causes for this reason. When they paste the writing text that remain the previous format. Bloggers faces problems when they change font and alignment. See the example below:

I assume that most of the new bloggers face this problem. This problem can easily be solved using this tool. Just follow the following:

At first, select the text.
Then, click on the 'Remove formatting' tool.
Now you can give the expected change of the text as your own. 
After changing your text might be like the following screenshot.

3. Jump break Tool:

You have probably watched that there are some site provide opportunity of 'read more' link. In this system, you will see the summary of the post and at the bottom of post you see a 'read more' link. If you want to see the entire post, you have to click on the 'read more' link. Do you know how to create this 'read more' link in blog? Yes! this link is created by using this tool. See the screenshot below of the tool:

This tool save much time and labor of you. You know that to make a users friendly site is the one of the rules of Google. Read more link is one of the great feature of creating a users friendly site. To create read more link using this tool, at first you have to place the cursor in the bottom of the text that you want to show the users as post summary. You can know details about this tool.

4. Insert Image Tool:

As a blogger, generally you have to upload or insert image in your published post. Do you know which tool is used for uploading image in blogger? Yes! this tool (see the screenshot below) is used for this. In this system, you have to click on the 'insert image' icon and then you have to choose the image from the any location of your computer.

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