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Why And How I Will Set a Professional Google +1 Gadget.

Google+ plugins are new gift for the users of google. Google+ badge, Google+ followers and Google +1 have brought about many facilities to grow with the radiance and stay close with the audience. Growing audience and uphold them is undoubtedly important for SEO and promotion for the site. Google+1 has added a new dimension for the users. Any content can easily be shared by it. Actually Google+1 can be compared with a system of voting on a post. Because, through it, visitors show their likes that actually revels a positive image about the post.

Benefit of setting professional Google +1 gadge:
There is an option of setting Google +1 buttons in every blogger. But, it is very tiny and a little bit less professional than the professional outlook. A professional +1 buttons is more beautiful to look at than that of the default ones. Users can easily find it. They can use it very easy. As the can easily find it, the number of clicks increases a lot. As a result, the number of audience increases and the blog spreads quickly through the audience.

What occurs whenever you click on the +1 buttons:
Whenever you see a post, you can also see the +1 button. When you click on it, your post instantly are shared on Google+ stream. You can also cancl the shared post by clicking after first click. Though you can share your post on Google+ stream by other ways, but if you share your post by clicking the +1 button has much benefit than that of sharing by other ways. You can see a number that show you that how many people have vote your post. Besides, you can easily guess that you have already shared your post or not. Because, if it is shared by you once, you will see the writhing ‘including you’. Thus you can identified that had you shared the post before or not. However, in other ways you could not identify it.
Brings more traffic:

Whenever a publisher of a site presses the +1 button, it becomes share that post. It will automatically be visible publicly in his/her Google+ profile. As a result, it spreads among the circle. Through them it spreads the circle of circle.  Thus using it means getting more traffic. It is thought that the +1 buttons is more helpful than the other social buttons.

Friendly for SEO:
As the +1 button brings more traffic and creates a positive image if any audience press on it, it can undoubtedly be said that it is friendly for SEO. The highest +1 click content creates higher ranking in Google search. Thus a site becomes more popular and reliable source of information for the audience.  
How you can set the +1 button in you blog: 

You can easily set a beautiful and professional +1 gadget. Just follow a simple tutorial: 

● At first, log in your Google+ account. 
● Then Click here to set professional Google +1 gadget.
● A professional Google+1 box including the picture will appear on the right side of the window. 
● Create a design among the given size, annotation, width etc.
● Copy the code (that code will be visible below the design).
● Then, go to your blogger dashboard. 
● Click on Layout.
● Click on Add a gadget. 
● Click on HTML/JavaScript.
● Paste the code.
● Click on save.

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