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Creating a blog in 7 steps very easy!

What is blog?

A free service of Google to publish something about life, education, music, treatment, entertainment, image, software, information technology etc. is called blog. At first, blog is created by a company named Pyra Labs. Later, it is acquired by Google in 2003. In fact, blog is one of the great services of Google. Millions of people throughout the world are using this service.  It is quietly free. One can express one’s idea, feelings, research materials, inventions etc. through posting in blog. There are more than 55 languages for blog posting. Becoming free and easy service, the popularity and the number of users of blog is increasing day by day. Today blogging is also a great source of earning money. Millions of people of all over the world earn a huge amount of money showing Adsense in blog. 

Steps of creating a blog: 

Creating a blog is not difficult at all. Only an Email account is needed for it. In this tutorial, I have discussed how to create a blog step by step for the newbies. However, there are some steps of creating a blog. To know how to create a blog, just follow the simple tutorial below:

At first, go to the Google search and write in your address bar or click here. Then click Blogger:Create your free Blog.


A window will appear on the screen with some blanks option to fill it up. Then fill up the box with your Email and Password.

• Email: An email account is must to create a blog. If you have not a email account, create it now

• Password: In this stage, you have to generate a password that you have to keep in secret. This password will be needed every time of logged in the blog.
• Then click on Sign in button.

Another window will appear on the screen and you have to click on New blog button.

In this step, you will see the following on the screen. You have to fill up the Title and Address option in this stage.

Title: Give a beautiful and meaningful title according to your post contents. The title should be Brief and precise. 

Address: You have to provide an address of the blog. The address should also be relevant to the subject of your blog. A relevant and good address can a little bit helpful for SEO.  

Your blog's address must be unique. If it won't be unique, a text will be appear under the address saying 'This blog address is not available' and a cross (×) mark will appear. If the address becomes unique, a text will be appear on the screen saying 'This blog address is available' and a tick () mark will appear there.

Note: In this tutorial, 'IT Training' is used as a subject as example.

Then click on a choice-able template. Google has provided some definite template for their users. You can also install new blogger template if you do not choose the Google's provided template. You can also design template as your own. 


Your blog has already been created! To post click on start posting. To know how to post in blog, click here.

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