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Primary Idea About Google Adsense.

Google Adsense:

Google operated one kind of online advertising program is called Google Adsense. In this system, publishers get revenue in exchange of displaying advertisement in their sites according to maintain definite rules and regulations. Google maintains and administrates the Adsense. Publishers earn revenue in the basis of cost-per-click. If you have a website, blog or forum and you get Adsense, then it will be considered as Adsense for content. In this system, you can earn revenue by displaying Google ads in your website, blog or forum. The displaying ads in your site have to be related to your site’s content. Today Adsense has acquired a great popularity among the online users.

From the press release of Google it has been known that in 2003, Google launched this advertising monetizing program for websites. It is true that every year Google earns a larger portion of revenue through it. Google runs it through a program that is called AdWords. In this system, the advertisers have to pay a definite amount of money on per click for their ads. Publisher can display text or image ads or both types of ads in your site and you will earn if people clicks on the ads. You will get 68% and Google will get the rest amount of money. Actually, it is a Google’s program and this program is called Adsense. 

More tips about Adsense:

➢ Adsense is operated by Google.
➢ Publishers have not to spend a single amount to get Adsense.
➢ Today it is a great source of income of the millions of publishers.
➢ Adsense is approved for not only for content sites but also it is for mobiles, video, search products, games etc. 
➢ The system of Adsense is not very difficult.
➢ All sites is not worthy of getting Adsense. The definite sites that maintain the Google rules mat get Adsense.
➢ Certain rules must be maintained for the publishers to get Adsense.
➢ Google takes 32% and publishers get 68% of the total revenue. 

Actually, Google plays role of mediator of the advertiser and publishers. The entrepreneurs who want to advertise for their products have to enroll through Google Adwords. On the other hand, publishers of the advertisement have to apply for the advertisement for getting Adsense. If the advertisement publishers is approved by Google for placing ads to their sites, they begins to show advertisement in their sites. Thus they earn revenue in exchange of placing advertisement in their site. It is Adsense that provides a great opportunity to monetize your traffic. 

However, Adsense is a great program that can help you a lot to earn revenue through displaying ads in your site. But, you should keep in mind that if you want to get Adsense for your site, the site must be eligible to participate in Adsense.


Google does not approve Adsense for all kinds of sites. There are some restrictions to get Adsense. Such as, Google never approves Adsense for any pornographic sites. Besides, it also does not approve any site that contains alcoholic, smocking, weapon and gambling related content. Learn more about it. 

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