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Why 'Read more' And How to Design/Customize 'Read more' link in blogger

Why customizing ‘read more’ link:

I have shown in this blog how to create read more links in blogger using jump break. Truly speaking, the default ‘read more’ is not very attractive to look at. A beautiful and attractive read more link increases the quality of a site. As it is less attractive, to set attractive ones, you can customize read more links. You can set the color and font of the text as your desire one. Therefore, you can customize read more links to get a better one.

Why 'Read more' link:

Actually 'Read more' link creates a page enriched, organized and well managed. Before discussion about customizing read more, I want to discuss about the importance of read more links.

1. More content in less space:

To show more content in less space has a great benefit for any site. Visitors always want to get idea on overall contents of any site. To get idea on overall contents read more links is a great way. More contents can be shown at a glance through read more links. Visitors can easily find their necessary contents easily if there is read more links in any site. Otherwise, visitors have to invest more time to find their necessary articles. As a result, they are bound to choose alternative site for their necessary information. In a word, it can easily be called that visitors get annoyed to go for searching their expected post if read more link does not set in the site. Thus visitors of that site might not be satisfactory. That is not a good sign for any site’s ranking. Therefore, the necessity of adding read more links can not be described in words. 

2. Clear navigation:

A site must have clear navigation is one of the most important requirements of Google for getting Adsense. The site that contained read more link feature can be identified as a clear navigate site. There is no any publisher who does not want to show advertisement of Adsense. But Google never approves for Adsense if the site has not clear navigation. Therefore, read more link is one of the feature of clear navigation. 

3. Two times visiting:

It can be said that a visitor generally visits any post in two times because of read more links. At first, he/she see the summary of the post and to get the details post he/she has to click on the read more link. Thus a visitor becomes double! 

How to customize 'Read more' link:

In this stage, I will show how to customize /design Read more in blog. I have felt that the the provided or automatically created Read more link is not beautiful to look at. To make a beautiful look of the Read more link, I have provided a beautiful design. Just Copy and paste the following HTML code and create/develop a beautiful Read more link in the blogger home page. However, to get the following design you have to follow some instructions.

To get the above design follow the instructions below:

à  Go to blogger Dashboard.
à  Click template.
à  Click Edit HTML.
à  Search ]]></b:skin> (Hit Ctrl+F to search). 
à  Paste the following codes just above the ]]></b:skin>.
à  Click Save template.

.jump-link a
font:20px Georgia;

After completing all works, you will get the above mentioned 'read more' outlook.

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