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Consider Some Tips During Posting And Learn How to Post in Blog.

Blogger is a great platform for the users that is powered by Google. Millions of people throughout the world use blogger. There are rules in everything. In case of posting in blog, there are some rules that can be more usable and acceptable for the users. Some tips should know for the new blogger during posting in blog. After creating a blog, generally the first step becomes to post well in blog. If a blogger post in blog using all the options, the blog can be more acceptable and can brings more traffic. Therefore, every blogger should know how to post in blog well. A question might arise that what guidelines should to follow during posting in blog? A blogger should follow the guidelines below during posting:

1. Choosing right font:

The writing font is very important in posting. The font should not be very large or very tiny. Medium font is better. Bloggers should keep in mind that their writing outlook depend much on font that they use. Therefore, bloggers should choose font wisely so that the outlook becomes more attractive and friendly to read.

2. Caring about bold, italic and underline:

The using of bold, italic and underline options are not less important in blogging. It is an important part of posting. Sometimes, an author needs to make  some parts of writing to highlight or differentiate from the other writing. Therefore, a good write brings these options under consideration during posting.

3. Using labels:

Labels option is very important in publishing a new post. Labels classify all the post. It is used to make categories that is very important in blogging. Bloggers should use labels option during posting a new post.  

4. Using permalink:

There are two options under permalink. They are the automatic and custom permalink. Bloggers have to know the usages of both option so that they can use it wisely during posting in blog. Bloggers should use custom permalink option. Because, there are some extra benefits of using this option instead of using automatic permalink. Know details about custom permalink.  

5. Using published on option:

There are also two options under published on option. This option indicates publishing time and date. If you set automatic option, the automatic time will be visible with your posting. On the other hand, if you select 'set date and time' option, you can change time and date as your wish.

6. Using preview option:

Preview option is used before ultimate publishing a post. This option provides opportunity to you to see how will be the outlook of your post after publishing the post. You can take opportunity to necessary change before ultimate publishing through this option. Therefore, bloggers should use this option during publishing a new post. 

To post on blog has definite rule. It is very much easy. Sometimes it may not always easy to all. Here are some steps are given below to post in blog: 

Write on your address bar.

Your blogs will appear on the screen.

Click on New post.

A page will come to post.

Write or upload that you want to publish.

Click on Publish.


Your publishing will be completed then. To see the publishing things click on View.

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