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10 Basic Requirements of Your Site Applying for Adsense.

Adsense account approval is the only dream of every blogger or website owner. But, getting Adsense is not so easy! The publishers regarding their blog or website must fulfill some definite conditions. Truly speaking, Adsense approval for the publishers of Bangladesh, India and Chaina is comparatively difficult than that of the publishers of Canada, USA and European countries. 

10 basic requirements of your site applying for Adsense:

1. Age: You and your site both must have eligibility to participate in Adsense. You have to  minimum 18 years old and the old of the site must be minimum 6 months. This time is for the publishers of Bangladesh, India and Chaina. Google wants to ensure the quality of their advertising network and the protection of interest of their existing publishers and advertisers. Therefore, before applying for Adsense, make sure that your site’s age is minimum 6 months. 

2. Adult content: Google does not approve Adsense for any site that contains pornographic, adult or mature related content. Therefore, make sure before applying for Adsense that there are no any pornographic images, cartoons, sexual tips, sexual site’s link etc. You can learn more about adult content policy

3. Disgrace content: The site’s content that may create violence among the individuals or groups is not eligible for getting Adsense. Besides, Google does not approve Adsense for any site that contains any content that provokes or motivates to hate any religion, gender, disability and tribal community. Therefore, be careful about the content you make in your site for Adsense.

4. Copied content: The content of your site must be unique. Google doesn’t approve Adsense for any site that contains other content, video, image etc. Therefore, make sure before applying for Adsense that there is no any copied material in your site. 

5. Drug or alcoholic content: Make sure that there is no any alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs and herbal drugs related content in your site. You can learn more about it.

5. Hacking or cracking content: Make sure that there is no any hacking or cracking content in your site. This type of content illegal in the eye of Google. You can learn more about it.

7. Sufficient content: Minimum how many posts must have in a site for applying Adsense? At least 30 posts must have in your site. The minimum number of words in a single post is 500-600. If your site does not fulfill this policy, your site does not pass the 1st step of review. You will get email saying insufficient content from Adsense team. Therefore., make sure before applying for Adsense that your site’s have sufficient content.

Besides these, to be sufficient content, make sure the following: 

There is no any login box on the page, because crawler will not go past to login your page to review.

F There is no any locked or payment requirement page. If there is so crawlers can’t access the page to review.

There should not a lot of flash images, pictures, videos and JavaScript. Remember that crawlers are not JavaScript based rather they are text based. 

8. Friendly for the users: Your site should be friendly for the users. Add a search box so that visitors can easily find out what they are searching from your site. You should place the search box such a place of your site so that visitors can easily find it.

9. Add a sitemap: Sitemap helps the visitors to know details about your site. Visitors can decide whether they should visit the site or not. Besides, visitors can see all the post title at a glance. But, the sitemap should be understandable for the visitors.

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