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3 Main Benefits of sharing Blogger Posts in Google+

Google+ is such a feature that is powered by Google. It provides a lot of opportunities for its users. Google plus has provided many facilities for the bloggers to promote blog. Bloggers have opportunities to use Google plus features like Google+ followers, the+1 button, Google+badge etc. Google plus helps to share posts in Google plus stream that is very much effective to bring more traffic and a strong advertising strategy. Users can easily become circle through Google plus that is same to becoming facebook friends. In facebook, you can see your friends faces. In the same way, in Google+ followers gadget, you can see your circles’ faces. That can be compared with the Facebook Fan page feature. There is ‘like’ option in Facebook through which one can like any post. In the same way, there are +1 button in Google plus feature in which audience can like any post. 

However, Let’s know the 3 main benefits of sharing posts in Google Plus:

1. Better than any other social network:

It is true that Google plus is more better and effective social network for promoting a blog than Facebook, twitter etc. It can be said that in Facebook and twitter, there are many things. Different kinds of issues are in there. Variety issues are highlighted in Facebook and twitter. Different kinds of posts are shared there. Among huge issues, people may escape any sharing post. Besides, different kinds of peoples’ need are different. On the other hand, Google plus is such kind of network in which same classes people gather themselves in it. Variety issues are not highlighted here. Nearly the same classes of people share the same classes of posts here. As a result, the comparatively more people than that of Facebook and twitter see the sharing posts. 

2. Helps to quickly promote blog:

Google plus helps a lot to grow member and uphold a strong relationship among the circles. A blogger can enjoy the opportunity to connect people and grow circles. If a blogger adds a person as circle that means the person’s post will automatically show in blogger’s Google plus stream. On the other hand, if any person adds the blogger as circle, the blogger’s post will show in the Google plus stream of the person. Thus, bloggers posts spread among the circle and circles’ of circle that is very interesting and effective to promote a blog quickly. I think if any blogger wants to promote his/her blog quickly, the bloggers should engages himself in Google plus. I want to share my experience in this case that visitors of my blog became triple when I shared post in Google plus stream. 

3. A strong adverting strategy:

The word success is related to strategy. Any achievement is not possible to achieve without strategy. This word is 100% appropriate to promoting a blog. Google plus is a strong tool of promoting a blog quickly. You are using Google plus and sharing post in Google plus means you have taken a strong strategy to promote your blog. Because, about all succeed bloggers use this feature as their advertising strategy and their succeed history is related to it.

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