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Permalink in Blogspot; Advantage of Custom Permalink and Disadvantage of Automatic Permalink

Permalink is very important posting in blog. We know that every page has a unique url. This url is made by two ways. One is made by automatic permalink and other is customizing permalink. Automatic permalink remains as dealt in blogger. If blog authors do not set customize permalink, a automatic url is created according to the title of the post. On the other hand, when blog authors set custom permalink, they can create the url as their desire one. There are some disadvantage of automatic permalink. On the other hand custom url has many advantages.

My experience about using automatic and custom permalink:

I want to share my practical experience about automatic and custom permalink. At first when I started blogging, I were not aware about the task of automatic and custom permalink. Then my maximum posts’ URL  were created according to automatic permalink as it was remain in my blog as default one. I did not care at all how my post URL were being created. I used to create many internal links and I edited or changed the post title. We know that in case of automatic permalink, every page’s URL is created according to the title of the post. Once I found that the links that I had created as internal link were as broken link. Can you guess why did it happen? Yes! It happened due to the changing of URL link. Because, in different times different links were created for a single post as I was editing or changing the title of the post. But, if I had used custom permalink, it would never happen as post’s URL never changes even after editing the title of post if custom permalink is used. If you want to avoid the problem like me, use custom permalink to create permanent URL of the post.    

The main advantages of custom permalink are:

1. Controlling over URL:

As blogger creates a automatic url for every post according to the post title, there is no control over the url. Authors can completely control over the URL through using custom permalink option.

2. Generating desirable URL :

In automatic permalink, there is no any chance to create desirable url but through using custom permalink authors can generate their desirable url.

3. The URL remains unchanged even after editing :

Normally the post's url changes if the post's title are edited. But the post's url remains unchanged even after editing if the custom permalink is used.

4. No possibility of creating broken link:

Broken link is very harmful for any site's ranking. We know that broken link is created if the existing url is changed. But one can get rid of such problem if he/she uses custom permalink. Because, the existing url never changes if custom permalink is used.

4. Helps in SEO:

As bloggers url never change even after editing and for this reason there is no possibility of creating broken links. Therefore, it can be said that it helps in SEO.

The main disadvantages of automatic permalink are:

1. No Control over URL:

As blogger creates a automatic url for every post according to the post title if automatic permalink option is used, authors have no control over the url. 

2. Impossible to generate desirable url:

As a result of using automatic permalink, a automatic url is created for every post in which authors can never generate a desirable url.

3. Broken links is emerged:

When it is edited after posting without using custom permalink, broken link is created that is very bad for any site. 

3. Needed to redirect broken links:

As many broken links is created due to edit the post title if custom permalink option is not used. Therefore, authors have to face the problem of redirecting broken link

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