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What, Why and How to Use Labels in Blogger Posts.

What is labels:

Labels is such a tool in blogger that provides opportunity to categorize the posts. It provides many facilities to the users. To post by labels is very important in blog posting. To make category is also very important for blogger. Making category is not possible without labels posting. Through labels posting, it can easily be shown the related post and it becomes friendly for the users to find their necessary things from the posts. 

Example of Labels:

Suppose, you have managed a website about blogging. Different kinds of posts have been published by you about different aspects of blogging. Think that in your website, there are 10 of the posts are designing template related, 8 of the posts are SEO related and 7 of the posts are Adsense related. You categorize these posts using labels option. The labels are respectively template, SEO and Adsense. If visitors want to get all posts on template, SEO or Adsense, they can easily get them altogether through one click on the labels of ‘template’, ‘SEO’ or ‘Adsense’. Thus, labels help a visitor to find out the same types of posts among the all posts of a site.

Labels options are available in the right side of the blogger. When a new post are published, authors can write/choose a labels for the post. The labels must be relevant to the post content. Authors normally separate different labels by commas. This labels play a great role. You will see the labels at the bottom of the published post and if users click on it, they can easily find all the same labels’ posts. 

When a blog contains posts of different subjects, labels is only means to differentiate them. 

When labels used:

Labels are used during posting in blog. Besides, it can be used after posting.

Why is labels in blog posting:

To show same types of posting randomly, label is used. If we use labels during posting, all the same post remains step by step. Making category, blogger can present same types of posts to the users if label is used. Users also can take an idea about the post category. They can also easily find out the post that they actually find.

Friendly for users:

Labels are very friendly for the users. They can easily choose their expected post from the blog through clicking on the labels. If they click on the labels, they will get all the posts under the same labels. 

Keywords and links:

We know that keywords and links of the posts are very important in blogging. Actually, labels are great keywords and links for all the posts. 

Grow traffic:

In fact, users always like such a site that is organized and comfortable to find out all the posts. Labels organize all the posts of the entire blog. As users can choose their related post easily, normally it becomes more comfortable for them. 

Friendly for SEO:

As it creates links, it works as a keyword, friendly for the users and grow more traffic it can easily be called that it is very helpful for SEO.


1. Your each label (keyword) should be brief and precise. 

2. Your each keyword should not be more than 2-3 words.

3. Your label must be relevant to the post title and contents.

4. You should not use at most 15-20 labels for a blog.

How to use level during posting:

● Click Labels before publishing new post.

● Write the labels name.
● Click done.

● After publishing, you will see the level like the following.

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