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How Can Easily Finding And Redirecting Broken Link

At first, I did not know what broken link is or why broken links is redirected. Once I searched one of my blog posts in Google. When I click it I saw that my search result Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist. I became totally frustrated. My page not found! But some days ago it was available and it could show in search result! I thought that if people search like me, they could not find my page. They never come again to visit my site. Thus my visitors will decrease and my page rank will drop down. What should I do? I thought and thought. After a long research, I could find out the reason behind it. I could remember that once I edit my post title. You know that when we post something, a automatic url is created for the page and the url is created according to the post title. Though it does not create automatically, if custom permalink option is used by the publishers. Thus many broken links are created for different reasons. Publishers must find out these broken links and should redirect broken links. Though you can delete broken links from search result. But redirection with existing link is better. Your question may be that if there is no related links? Yes! in this situation you can redirect the broken links with the home page of your site. Otherwise, you can delete broken links from the search result. However, lets see how to find broken links:
How to find broken links:
You can find broken links in many ways. There are some site that provide opportunity to find broken links. I have discussed about it in my another post. However, Google has provided opportunity for the users to find and redirect broken links. To find broken links just follow the tutorial below: 
Select your blog
Click on crawl Errors under Crawl option
The following window will come

Click on Not found
Total broken links of your blog will show like the following.

Now know how to redirect broken links:

I've already said that we redirect the broken link with two links. One is with existing link and another is with home page (if there is no any related links).

Redirect broken links with related link:

Redirecting broken links with related existing link is very good idea. Every publisher should be kept in mind that every site has more or less broken links. They should always check it and take prompt action to find and redirect them because broken links hamper a lot to the higher ranking in search result. Now learn how to redirect broken links with related links. Just follow the following direction:

Click on a broken link

1. Think the below link is broken link.

2. Think, the below link is existing related link.

Copy the ending portion of the broken link. Be careful! don't copy the whole url.
Then, Go to the blogger dashboard
Click on setting
Click on search preferences
Click on edit under the Custom Redirects option.
Insert the ending portion of the broken links in From: box. (I've inserted my broken links as for example.)
Insert the ending portion of the existing related links in To: box.
Click on Save Changes

Redirect broken links with home page link:

If there is no any related existing link in the blog in which you can redirect the broken link, the easy solution will be to redirect the broken links with the homepage. But it is better to redirect with existing related links. However, to learn how to redirect broken links with the homepage, just follow the following direction:

1. The broken link is
2. My home page link is 

Copy the ending portion of the broken link.
Copy the ending portion of the home page link. [Copy only (/) of the home page link; don't copy all link]
At last, click on save changes.

Your broken link redirection mission complete! Try now & enjoy! Don't forget to post feedback/comment!

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