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What is Google+ and How to Create a Google+ Account Very Easy!

What is Google+:

Google+ is a one kind of social media powered by Google. Google+ was launched by Google in June 2011. Since then it has been spreading gradually in a great scale. Now it is a popular media. Anyone can join in it free. Google has introduced a new revolution in the social media world launching Google+. Now we can easily post and share something on the Google+ stream and can easily promote our site, product and other something through Google+. Now it has opened a new era for the users and become a strong media.

Google+ account is the prerequisite of using Google+ plugins. The Google+ plugins are the Google+ BadgeThe +1 buttonGoogle+ followersGoogle+ page etc. These plugins helps directly or indirectly to grow the audiences. All these Google+ plugins are related to Google+ account. 

Facebook and Google+:

Google+ can be compared with Facebook. We can share our idea and can post something in Facebook. In the same way, we can also post and share something in Google+. If we post or share something in Facebook, people (friends) can share it; comment it; like it etc. On the other hand, if we post something in Google+, people (circles) can share, comment and like it. In Facebook account, we have friends. In Google plus, we have circles. There are profile, picture, about, Tagline, activities etc. in Facebook. In Google+ account, there are also profile, picture, about, Tagline and activities options. 

Circles in Google Plus:

Many people can be engaged as circles. They may be circle as friends, family, extended etc. We can also be circle. We can share our idea and views with our circle and circles’ of circle. That is called extended circles. Actually, circles are called the main element of Google+. 

Is Google+ effective for SEO?

We know that good ranking in search engine manages more traffic for the site. Every publisher wants to achieve his or her site in higher ranking. For this , publishers have to work for SEO. Google+ is very important for search engine optimization. Today, most of the publishers use Google+ as a strong tool for getting more traffic. It not only increases the audience of any site, but also upholds a strong relation between publishers and audiences. We can share and post something from our site so that our circles and extended circles can be known about it. They can easily like, share and come to visit the site clicking the link. Thus it works to promote the site.

How to create Google+ account:

Creating Google+ account is very easy. If you are a blogger, this option (creating account) is available inside your blogger Dashboard. Just click on Google+ button.

● If you are not blogger, go to
● Then click on 'Create an account'. 
● Upload a profile photo.
● Fill in the boxes with necessary information.
 Then You will get the outlook of your Google+ profile.

Important to know:

● A Gmail account is must to open a Google+ account.
● You will see the update, conversation and shared items on the stream of Google+ account like Facebook news freed.
● You will add a circle button in which you can add your circle according to categories like friends, family, Acquaintances, Facebook, others etc.

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