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Sharing Your Blog Post on Google Plus

Sharing your blog post on Google+ is a great means of promoting blog. It brings more traffic and helps a blog for good ranking. There are two options of sharing posts on Google+. One is automatically share after posting. And other is prompt to share after posting. The two ways of sharing blog posts on Google+ are given below:

Automatically share after posting:

If you share your post automatically, it will bring more and more traffic from Google plus. One can follow you through Google plus. If you update your blog or share a new post in Google plus stream, your followers will be notified. Not only this, if you have several blogs and there are a lot of followers in Google plus, all the followers will get the update if you update or share any blog’s post. In this system, only you have to set the option. Even you have not do any additional click to share your post. Your post will be got shared automatically on the Google plus stream. On the other hand, if you do not want to share your post automatically, you have to rules out the option.

Google plus authority has provided a great feature to share automatic post on Google plus. There are a lot of benefits of sharing blog post on Google+. In this system, your post will share in Google plus whenever you publish a new post in blog. It is actually called automatically share blogger posts on Google plus. 

Let’s know how to share post automatically on Google plus:

To enable this feature is very easy and not a matter of huge time. Just follow the simple tutorial below:

● At first, go to your blogger account.
● Click on Google+ option.
● Tick mark in the left side of the option ‘automatically share after posting’.

If you enables this feature, your posts will appear on the Google stream after publishing a new post. 

Prompt to share after posting:

There is another option to share your blog posts on Google plus. This is called ‘prompt to share after posting’ option. In this system, a pre-filled share box will appear on the screen and you have to select the circles and click on the share button. There is a great option there. It is called ‘extended circles’. If you add extended circles feature whenever you automatically share your blog post, that means your shared post not only will see your circles but also it will see your circles’ of circles.

To enable this feature is not difficult too. Just follow the simple tutorial below: 

● To enable this feature-
● At first, go to Google+ tab in blogger
● Tick mark in the left side of the option ‘prompt to share after posting’.

Difference between automatically share and prompt to share:

The automatically sharing option are in default in blogger. For this feature, blogger needs a Google+ account. If a blogger enable a Google+ account, he/she can automatically enjoy the opportunity to share the post automatically in the blogger’s Google+ stream because this automatic sharing option is in default option in every blogger. However. the main difference between automatic share and prompt share system are that the automatic sharing option is default option but the prompt sharing option is not default one and blogger have to enable this feature.The automatic sharing option is comparatively easy than the prompt sharing one.

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