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How to Add Categories Section Using Labels in blogger.

What is categories section:

To add categories section is a great idea of blogging. It is a clear presentation to the users. A user needs clear idea after entering any site. A category section can provide a clear idea about the entire post of the blog. Because, under every subjects how many post are posted in the blog are shown through categories section. Generally, it is shown in the left or right sight of the blog. Some links are created taking the same posts and users can easily get the same types of posts clicking the links. 

Necessity of using categories:

Easy and quick presentation of information of your site have special importance. It increases the quality and visitors of your sites. To create a positive experience about your site among the visitors, posting by categories is must. At first, I did not follow category. I did not post by category. Then my site's visitors was comparatively low. But, when I post by category, and visitors can easily find what the search, my visitors made about double. 

Need to know:

You have to keep in mind that to add/create a categories section, creating labels is must. You must create labels before making categories. Because, this labels will be used in making categories.   

How to add categories section in blogger:

There are some processes of adding categories section in the blogger. The process are discussed below. Just follow to learn how to add categories section in blogger:

 At first, log in your blogger account
 Then, click new post.  

Write the post that you want to publish in your blog.

1. Click on Labels that tool is available under the Post settings option in the right corner of the blogger. Write the labels name. The labels name must be relevant to the post title. You need not write the labels name if the name is used before. In this case, you have to  click only the name.
2. Then click on Done.
3. Then click on Update.

Level has already been created and you see it with the post inside the blogger account.

Then click on Layout; click on Add a gadget; click on Text.


A box will appear. Write categories in the Title box.
Then write your category's name. (Here SEO Tips is shown as an example). You can add some subjects under the categories. But the number of subjects between 15-20 is better. Therefore, do not provide subjects more than 15 to 20. 

Then go to your post inside the blogger account. Click on View.

Then click on the levels that will be visible under the post. You can of course set it in the top of the post. For this setting, you have to go layout and then have to click on Edit that is in the bottom of blog posts.

Then copy the page's URL. For this, click on the links and you will get an the URL in the address bar. This copied URL will be used to create categories link. 


1. Write down the category name. You can allure the number of post under the category. Then select the category to create link.

2. Then click on the link icon to create link.

3. Paste the copied URL (see step-9).

4. Click on OK.

5. At last, click on Save.

1. Click on Save arrangement.
2. Click on View blog.


Link can be seen! Thus, you can post by category and show this for the users good experience. If visitors click on the link, they will get all the posts under the same subjects.

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