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What Is Jump Break And How to Use Jump Break in Blogger.

What is jump break?
Jump break is a great feature in blogger. It creates read more link in blogger home page. Anyone can also customize read more instead of default read more. The read more The feature in which the summary of every post is shown in blogger homepage is called jump break. It is a very useful feature in blogger. If jump break is used in blog post, the upper portion of the jump break is shown in home page of the site. To show the introduction part of the post this feature is used. This tool is used during publishing the post.

Characteristics of jump break: The main characteristics of jump break or read more link are given below:

1. Show the first part of the post in home page.
2. A automatic read more link is created with introduction post. 
3. Visitors have to click the read more link to see the full post. 
4. A automatic home page is created in which there is the first part of the full post. 
5. Two parts are created due to use jump break. One is introduction part and other is full part. 

Advantages of jump break: The major advantages of using jump break is narrated below:

1. Gives a clear idea about the post:

As a result of using Jump in blog/web, visitors get a clear idea about the post. They can understand what has in the full post.

2. Helps to take decision: 

It helps the audience whether they should see the full post or not. Because, they can easily see the post summary in the home page.

3. Save time and labor: 

Jump break saves the time and labor of the visitors. Visitors don’t have to find the all page to find out the necessary post/posts. They can easily find their necessary post seeing the post summary of the home page created by the jump break. 

4. Increase audiences:

Jump break increases the audiences. Audience can easily find out their necessary post. Normally the number of visitors are increased.

5. Friendly for users:

A site should be friendly for users is one of requirements of Google. Besides, it should be the policy of an author. This policy can be fulfilled by using this option/tool.

6. Friendly for SEO: 

As jump break creates a positive experience about the site among the visitors and visitors increases due to use this tool, it can easily be called that jump break is friendly for search engine optimization.

My experience about jump break:

Once I don't know about what jump break is. I posted in my blog without using jump break. Later, I could know about the importance of jump break. I think that posting without jump break is really incomplete posting. Because, jump break create a home page in which it is shown the partial things of the page. Visitors have to click read more>> to see the entire page. In this system, visitors can get a clear idea about your page whether he should visit the page or not. Besides, it increases the visitors of your site. It actually increases the standard of the site too. Therefore, why late! Use it now in your blog. Now learn it:


Place the cursor where you want to do jump break. Keep in mind that the upper portion of jump break will show on your home page and visitors can see the full page clicking read more>> link.


Click in home to see the created page in the home page.


After publishing the post, you will get read more>> link at the bottom of post summary.

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