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What is Google+ badge and How to Make a Professional Google+ badge Gadget in Blogspot.

What is Google+ Badge?

Google+ badge is such kind of buttons in which visitors can directly connect with the page. It helps a lot to the visitors to find out and engage the publisher’s Google+. It shows the number of followers of the publishers. Publishers and visitors of a site can easily take idea about how many people are following the publisher of the site. It is a great way to engage with the page. 

Benefits of Google+ badge:

There are several benefits of Google+ badge. The main benefits of Google+ badge are mentioned below:

1. Strong social network:

Google+ badge is a very powerful social network. Today most of the publishers of sites are using Google+ badge for the promotion of their site. If any publisher use Google+ badge, new visitors can easily find the publisher to follow in his/her Google+ account. 

2. Show publisher’s photo:

Publisher’s photo can be displayed with a professional Google+ badge. Visitors can see the author/publisher and it creates a positive image about any site. It increases the faithfulness among the visitors about the site.

3. Easy to find out:

If any visitor like the page and wants to engage permanently with the site, he/she has to be followed the authors Google+. To follow the author through Google+ badge is very easy for the new visitors.

4. Show the number of followers:

A Google+ badge shows the number of followers for taking idea about the publishers and the visitors.

5. Increases the audience:

A Google+ badge gives an easy access to the visitors to follow and it also increases the visitors to follow. As a result. It increases the audience of a site.

6. Friendly for SEO:

As Google+ badge increases the audience of a site, it is one of the powerful ways of search engine optimization. It helps to go a higher ranking in search engine.

How to make a professional Google+ badge in Blogspot:

Google+ badge Gadget is available in bloggers Gadget. You can easily add it to your blog. But, the provided default Gadget is not more professional. A professional Google+ badge can help you to manage more followers and overall it is more beautiful to look at than that of default Google+ badge Gadget. Besides, it is easy to the newbie. Because, they can easily find and understand it. Therefore, I strongly recommend the publishers to use professional Google+ badge Gadget. It is very easy to set up. Just 2 minutes will be needed. Follow the following simple tutorial:

Before Starting:

♦ Make sure, you have Google+ account. If you haven't Google+ account, create it now.

♦ Upload your picture as a cover picture that is on the top of your Google+ profile. (This picture will automatically show in the professional Google+ followers box)

Let’s go to start the tutorial:
♦ At first, log in your Google+ account.
♦ Then click here to set professional Google+ badge. 
♦ A professional Google+ badge box including your picture will appear on the right side of the window. 

♦ Choose feature, layout, width, color theme etc.
♦ Copy the code (this code will appear below the box).
♦ Log in to your blogger account.
♦ Go to layout.
♦ Click add a Gadget (Any Gadget; side is the best)
♦ Select HTML/JavaScript.
♦ Paste the Code
♦ Click on Save.

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