Thursday, September 26, 2013

Using Custom Permalink to Generate URL as Your Desire One

When you write something as a post, blogger automatically generates a permalink. This permalink is created according to the post title. If you click permalink during creating a post, you will see that automatic permalink is selected as default. Suppose, you are creating a post that title is ‘Using Custom Permalink to Generate URL as Your Desire One’. In this case, blogger’s will automatically create a URL The bold area has been created by automatic permalink according to the post title.

Think that you would decide to edit the title of the post. Then your post URL also will be changed. But in the mean time your old URL has been indexed in search engine that was created first. Some visitors might bookmark the URL. When they search, what will happen? They will see 404 not found or Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist. Then you have to redirect the broken link with existing link to solve the problem. Otherwise your site ranking will be drop down.

You can easily overcome these problems if you set custom permalink option during posting. In Custom Permalink option you can generate a URL as your own choice. Such as for the title 'Using Custom Permalink to Generate URL as Your Desire One' you can generate a URL like using-custom-permalink. Then your full URL will be using-custom-permalink.html. There are three benefits for using Custom Permalink option to create such URL.

1. When you edit the post title, URL will not be changed.
2. Your post URL will brief that is good for search result. 
3. It will be very friendly for SEO. 

Now see how to use Custom Permalink option to generate URL as your desire one: 

● Click Permalink in Post Settings before publishing the post. 
● Click Custom Permalink. 
● Generate a URL as your desire one. 
● Click on Done.

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