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Think 5 Things When Publish a New Post in Blogger

Bloggers publish different kinds of posts in their blog. Visitors visit these posts for their different needs. Bloggers should thinks some things during creating/publishing a new post. Bloggers should remember the following things in publishing a post. 

1. Problem solvable:

Bloggers should keep in mind that their published posts must be a source of solution of problems. We know that visitors are the life of a blog. Every visitor has a definite object to visit a post. Most of the visitors visit a post in the hope of that the post would help him/her to solve the problem. Audiences always like such kind of posts that can meet up their demand. Most of the blogger do not consider so. As a result, their posts cannot touch audience’s heart. Therefore, bloggers should bring under consideration the motto of visiting of the audience. 

2. Brief and precise:

Bloggers should keep in mind that their published posts should be brief and precise. A post full of irrelevant and unnecessary matter irritates the visitors. Large posts without any reason also the cause of irritation of the visitors. Visitors have to invest their valuable time and labor behind searching a post. They always expect that the post they are finding would be brief and precise. A brief and precise post is more understandable than that the elaborate one in solving their problem. An audience becomes afraid at the first hand experience seeing a large post. Therefore, bloggers post should be brief and precise. A question may be arise that how many words should have in a single post? The answer is very easy. Minimum 500-600 words should have in a single post.
3. Informative and reliable:

A blogger post should be informative and reliable for the visitors. There is no value if the post does not be informative and reliable. Visitors need necessary information to solve the problem. They also want to rely on a source that is able to provide them necessary and true information. A false information not only a violation of Google rules but also it is deceptive task with the users. Authors should not deceive with their valuable audience. The authors who deceive with their audience cannot reach the goal. 

4. Complete tutorial:

A partial post cannot be a reliable source of solving the problem. Bloggers’ post must be a complete tutorial. Visitors hate a partial post. It kills their valuable time and labor. A negative notion grows among them if a partial post is published. Therefore, do not publish a partial post instead the complete one.

5. Don’t send your visitors somewhere they need not to go:

Sometimes publishers need to create many internal and external link to enrich a post and to grow more users experience. But, publishers have to keep in mind that they should not create such link inside their post that are not necessary at all or relevant for the post. This kind of work is considered as deceptive task that users hate such kind of activities and a negative idea builds among them about the site. Therefore, publishers should think much creating internal and external links inside their posts.

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