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Creating a Facebook Fan page for blog.

A Facebook fan page/Like page is a great way of representing something. It is created for blog, organization, business, public figure, politician, celebrities etc. Anyone can receive update if he/she stays connection through Facebook fan page. It works as a strong media. Today Facebook fan page is a great media to promote any business, create awareness and advertise any product. 

Why Facebook fan page for a blog: 

A facebook fan page is a great way to promote blog. A visitors can get a new post and post update through it. Publishers can easily be able to reach the new post and post update through using Facebook fan page. In this system, the people who like the page only they can get the update if it is published by the author through Facebook fan page. A blogger generally publish post in blog. To spread the published post among more people is a great motto. This motto can largely be fulfilled through publishing post in Facebook fan page. Today most of the blogger are using it to promote blog. As it is a way to spread the blog post among the more visitors, it can be said that Facebook fan page brings traffic and helps good ranking in search result. Sharing post in Facebook fan page is not a difficult task at all. One can do it through copying and pasting the post/post URL of the blog in it. One can do it manually or automatically. We know that Facebook is a great social media. Therefore, to create a Facebook fan page for a blog to share the post among more traffics is very effective. 

4 Steps of creating Face book fan page: If you want to create a Facebook fan page, have to follow some steps. Therefore, follow the following steps to create Facebook fan page.

1. Click here to create face book fan page. The following page will appear on the screen. You have to choose one of the following options. For your blog, you can choose brand or product option. 

2. After clicking on the brand or product option, the following window will appear. You have to fill up two option. There are many categories in the list.
● As you are opening a page for your blog, choose website option.  
● In Brand or Product Name option, you have to write down your blog's name. Then, click on 'I agree to Facebook Pages Terms'.

● Then click on Get Started button.

3. Add a description with the basic information of the blog. The description should be such so that it becomes helpful for improving the ranking of the page in search result. Fill up the next red marked bow with the URL of your blog. Then, click on Save Info button.

4. Upload a picture for the page. The picture should be relevant to the blog. You can upload the picture from your computer or you can import it from website. At last, click on the Save photo button. If you want to do this task later, you can skip this step.

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