Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Creating Related Post Links in Every Bottom of Page

To show related post links in every bottom of page is very important for the publisher. It is very important for a site. It helps the users to find out the necessary things easily. On the other hand, it helps largely in SEO. You put can 3/4/5 post link in the bottom of page. Making automatic related post link is very easy. It might need 2/3 minutes to create. Really it is amazing. You can also create it manually. But it is a matter of much time. However, a blogger also can put related links in time of posting in blog

More internal links:

More links bring more traffic in a site. Settings related post links in every page is a great way to increase internal links. This more internal links not only helpful for the users but also it is very friendly for SEO. 

Grow audience:

When users visit a post, they can easily find out the related post easily if this widget is set by the author. As it is very comfortable for the users to find out, normally audiences increase for the post. It has been tested that audiences becomes twofold to threefold if there are related post links. 

Increase bounce rate:

As a result of setting related post links audiences increases and that increases bounce rate.

How to setup related post link in your blogger post:

● At first, click here. 
● Fill in the box with necessary information.
● Click on Install Widget.
● Select the blog; Give a title and finally click on Add widget.
● Drag the Gadget in the bottom of the post page.
● Automatic related link will create like the following.

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