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How to Install New Blogger Template in Blogspot Site.

Google has provided many opportunities for their users. Blogger is one of them. In blogger, you can choose any template among the default templates. You can choose one of them or can install any template from any out site source. In spite of having many default blogger templates, bloggers can install blogger template as their own.
New bloggers have to use the default blogger template as they are new in blog. But, it is a matter of great joys that if they don’t choose default blogger template, they can easily download a new blogger template and install it in their own blog. Most of the bloggers download and install new blogger template instead of the default ones. They do it to get a more beautiful outlook of the blog. Many free sites provide opportunity to download blogger template. Thus, bloggers can a new and more attractive blog outlook. After installing a new blogger template, bloggers can design blog as their choice. After installing a new blogger template, bloggers need more or less to design the whole blog. For this reason, bloggers should install new blogger template before publishing huge number of posting. Because, after completing many posting in blog it is comparatively difficult to design the new template with many posts. 

I also faced the same problem. I installed a new blogger template after publishing a many posts. I had to waste much time to redesign them. Because, after installing new blogger template, I saw that my whole blog’s post became at sixes and sevens. Therefore, my suggestion for every blogger is that if they want to install a new blogger template instead of the default ones, they should install it before publishing many posts.

If you want to install any other template, you may face some problems. In this tutorial, I have discussed very clearly about the installing new blogger template in blogger blog. Therefore, follow the following steps very carefully:

1. At first, download your desired template in your computer. You can download it easily from any site. Many sites are available that provides opportunity to download beautiful blogger template quietly free.

2. It will take a few seconds to complete download. After completing download, keep the file in your computer. Desktop is the best place for keeping the file. If your downloaded blogger template is in zip file format, opens it as XML file clicking extract file option. 

3. Then, go to your blogger accountClick on Template.

4. Click on Backup/Restore your blog that option are available in the right sight of your blogger account.

5. Click on Download full template. It is actually your existing template of the blog. The motto of keeping download existing template is to use later if you want. 

6. Click on Choose File. That file was saved by you as your desired new template.

7. Then click on Upload. It is actually your last step to download new template in your blog.

• Your new template has already been applied in your blog! Now you can design template as your own to develop more.

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