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Designing Blogger Template

If you have no blog. Learn how to create a blog. If you are new in blog, you can learn about posting in blog. As a blogger, you must know to design template. To get a beautiful outlook, you sometimes may design your blog template. It is not very difficult. You can increase or decrease width of your blogger template through designing template. You can change the border color, text color, visited link color. You can change font size of the text and many other changes through designing template. However, to design template follow the following simple tutorial:

1. Go to blogger account.
2. Click on Template.
3. Click on Customize.
4. There are 5 options under blogger template designer. These are templates, background, adjust widths, layout and advanced option. After clicking on 'customize' these options will appear. To set a template you have to click on one of the templates. To design background image click on Background. To increase or decrease width click Adjust width. Thus, you can design your blog template very easy. At last, click on Apply to blog button that is in the right sight of the template. Try it now!

Elaborate Discussion:

1. Templates: The first option is template. There are various templates in blogger as default template. You can choose any template among the many default templates by clicking on it. After clicking your chosen template, it will automatically set as your blogger template and you will see the outlook of the template. If you do not like the default template, there is opportunity to install blogger template from outside sources. If you sure to set a template, you have to click on 'apply to blog' that option is available in the top right side of the blogger template designer. 

2. Background: This option provides you to select or change background image. If you don't want to change image, you can select 'use default background and colors. Besides, through this option, you can upload image. There are many background image in default template. To select your favorite background image, just click on the image; click on Done and at last click on Apply to blog.

3. Adjust widths: Adjust widths option provides to you to increase or decrease widths the entire and left and right sides of the blog. You should adjust widths considering the navigation bar. You should adjust widths wisely. A proper management of widths can give a professional and attractive outlook of your blogger. You can do this task very easily. Just place the left button on the bar and move as you need.

4. Layout: It is one of the great parts of blogging. This option provides to select body layout or footer layout of the blog. You can add or delete or move a gadget though this option. Besides, you can design your post elements, navigation and sidebar through this option. You can easily select it pressing the right button and finally click on apply to blog.

5. Advance: This option provides various facilities for the blogger. You can customize post title, date header, post footer, gadget, image, accents, mobile button color etc. through advance option. You can also change link, visited and hover color through this option.

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