Monday, August 12, 2013

Creating a Gmail Account

The necessity of gmail account beggars description. Now people are very much interested to use gmail account. Because of providing a lot of facilities, it's users are increasing day by day. Here is provide the easy system of creating a gmail account.

1. Go the Google search and write
2. Click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT button.
3. Choose your username. The username actually your gmail address. Brief and relevant username is better. It should be easy so that one can remember it easily.
4. Your username must be unique. If it doesn't unique, suggested username you can use. 
5. In the 1st step, you have to create a password. Your created password must be at least 8 character. This password will be needed when you log in your account. Therefore, you must remember the password. In the 2nd step, you have to confirm password. The created password and confirm password must be same. Fill up the Birthday and Gender option.
6. Provide your mobile number and your current email address.
• Mobile number: Providing your mobile number is essential to open a gmail account. It is used for more securities to your account. A text message is sent by Google in case you forget your password. 
• Your current email address: To keep your account secured; help people to find you and send notification a current email account is wanted. Don't worried if you haven't a current email account. If you haven't current email account, you keep the option blank.
7. You have to type the two words. It is called captchas.
8. Click on agree.
9. Click on Next step.
10. Add your profile photo.
11. Click Next step.
12. Click continue to Gmail step.

Thus, your Gmail account will be ready!

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