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Backup Your Blogger Blog At Once Very Easy.

You spend a lot of time and labor to establish a blog. But, you of course know that your blog may be attacked by hackers. Hackers may delete, export and even may run your blog in his own name or address. In this situation you will be nothing but at a loss! You will lost everything! However, no need to be worried. Here is a solution. You may backup your full blog with comments. For this, you have to download your blog's pots.
There are many examples of losing blogs. I want to share my experience regarding this. One of my friends posted more than one hundred posts in his blog. The blog was in good ranking. One day he saw that his blog was hacked. He was shocked for this unexpected incident. It is a matter of great regret that he never kept any back up of his blog. He could not rescue his blog as he had not backup of his blog. His time and hard work went in vain totally. I know this great mistake does most of the blogger like my friend. Most of the blogger never pay heed that they should keep back up or download their blog. Because, you must keep in mind that your blog might be lost due to many reasons. It might be deleted or hacked any time. If this unexpected incident happened, you might solved the problem very easy if you keep regular back up of your blog. You can restore your lost blog or can open a new blog instantly with the backup. You can also design blogger’s template.

Blogger must be alert: 

We know that blogging is a reliable and comfortable zone for the newbie. Bloggers need not know HTML language to post in blog. It is the main opportunity to the newer. Besides this, there are many reasons for choosing blog. But, bloggers have to be cautious every time. They must take special care so that their blog may not lose.  

1. Backup for getting rid of accidental delete: 

It is found that sometimes, blog may be deleted accidentally by the bloggers. It may happen due to the lack of sufficient knowledge or consciousness. This phenomena is seen acutely among the new bloggers. Therefore, bloggers should have regular backup so that they can restore their blog in case of accidental deleting. 

2. Backup for getting rid of hackers: 

You may be an expert in blogging. But, you should kept in mind that there are many hackers who can hack your site taking any slackness from you. Sometimes, hackers run bloggers’ site as their own name by hacking. They can delete your site too. Hackers even can be the admin of your blog if they get a little chance. Therefore, to get rid of these problems, bloggers should download or backup their blog before too late and it is the only way of safety. 

3. Backup for getting rid of technical problem: 

Any technical problem may happen any time. Even your site might be deleted by the Google due to violate GTS. Most of the bloggers have to face this kind of problem. Therefore, bloggers should backup or download their blog to solve the problem. 

When you should download or backup blog: 

Actually, you should download or backup your blog every week. But, it depends on the number of posting you posts. If you post regularly and the number of posts 12-15 in a week, it is better to backup your blog two times in a week. On the other hand, if the number of your postings becomes 5-7, it is better to backup your blog one time in a week.

However, to keep backup the blog is a great opportunity for the bloggers. There is an option for keeping backup your blog including comments. To learn it just follow the following simple tutorial:

1. At first, go to your blogger account. Click on Settings. After that, click on Other option.

2. A new window will appear on the screen. Click on Export blog.

3. Click on Download blog. Now you can save it in your drive. Then preserve the file in your computer for the future use if necessary.  

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