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How to Add Facebook Like Box in Blogspot .

Facebook like box is a popular and effective plug in that helps to promote a blog. It enables people to like your page or blog easily. Visitors can join with your page permanently through this box. It is a such kind of social plugin that will show the faces of the people who like your page. It not only shows the faces of your friends but also it shows the total number of liked people. There are some Facebook developers sites that provide opportunities to add Facebook like box in the blog. You can add Facebook like box in your blog. Just follow the simple tutorial:

1. At first, click here to add Facebook like box in blogger. After clicking, the following page will come on the screen. You have to select some options. The structure of the like box will create according to the options you click. 

● Facebook Page URL: 

You have to fill up this box with your created Facebook fan page. If you have not created Facebook fan page yet, learn how to create Facebook fan page for blogger. Suppose, your Facebook fan page's URL is

At first, copy the URL and paste it in the Facebook Page URL box.

● Width:

In this option indicates that how much width of your plugin you want to keep. You can make width of the plugin as the width of your blog. If you click on the width box, you can see the plugin. You can make a width as you want. Write down width in the blank. I've made the width as 150. 150-200 width is better shape.

● Height:

In this option, give a number as the height of the plugin. I've given 300 as the height for my plugin. 300-350 height is better shape.

● Color Scheme:

There are two options under color scheme. They are light and dark. If you select light, you will see the light color in the whole background of the plugin. On the other hand, if you select dark option, a black background you will see in the background. 

● Show Friends' Faces:

If you click in this bow, you can see the friends' faces in the plugin. Otherwise, you get a structure without the faces of the people who like the page.

● Show Posts:

If you want to show posts above the friends' faces, click this option. But, it you select/click the option most of the time, you will see a blank space above the friends' picture that is ugly to look at. Therefore, it is better if do not click this option.

● Show Header & Border:

If you want to show header & border click this option. If you click on both the two option, the outlook of the plugin will be better to look at.

2. Then, click on Get Code option.

3. If you click on the Get Code option, the following page will appear on the screen.

● Click IFRAME option.
● Then, copy the HTML code.

4. Go to your blog's layout and click Add a Gadget.

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