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Removing Broken Links From the Search Result

Removing broken links is a routine works for a blogger. Broken links may cause poor impression in Google search. Every site creates more or less broken links. Broken links are a great obstacle to the progress of any site. Therefore, authors should always check and take action to solve the problem

We know that Google always indexes the pages after publishing. But when the url is changed for any reason what might happen! The broken links remains in Google search. When a visitor click on the link, he/she never find out the link in the site. Thus users feel a negative notion about the site that is very bad for bounce rate.

To solve this problem and keep the users up-to date Google has provided a great way to removing broken links.

Is it necessary to removing broken links:

Removing broken links actually a great SEO strategy because it creates the slackness of trust among the users. If broken links problem are not solved, the number of visitors might decreased at a huge scale that is very harmful for any site. Because, when visitors find any post and at least see broken links, they thought that it is not a reliable source of information to use. Thus a site suffer in slackness in image. A huge broken links contained site never might a friendly for the search engine spiders to visit too.

I've published a post on how to find and redirect broken links. To redirect broken link is better than to delete. But, keep in mind that it will be better only then when existing related link/links will be available. But if there is no any existing related link, it is better to delete than redirect in the home page. Because, it is actually one kind of tricks that may not fair.

Some recommendation about broken links:

1. Take regular plan to remove broken links:

If you want to do better, you must take plan and implement the plan to remove broken links. You have to keep in mind that your removing action of broken links must be regular. Because, broken links are created regularly from your regular post. 

2. Using webmaster tool:

Google has given a great opportunity to the publishers to use a tool to find and remove broken links easily. This tool is called ‘Google Webmaster Tool’. Through using this tool, you can promptly find and delete a large number of broken links at a time. For this, you have to just visit Googlewebmaster tool and then you will get a clear idea to solve the problem easily.

3. Using Google analytics:

Using Google analytic is a great way to get information about broken links every month. In this system, publishers may get report on broken links of their site via email. This system might save time and labor. To take idea about it click here

4. Using online tool:

There are some online tools that provides opportunity to check broken links. It might be both free or in exchange of money. Through this system, you can easily find out broken links to remove. It also saves time and labor. To get such tool click here.

How to remove broken links from search result:

1. To remove broken links you have to Go to Google Webmaster Tool.
2. Click on the blog.
3. Click on Crawl Errors that is under Crawl option.

4. Copy the on the url.
5. Copy the url.
6. Click on Remove URL that is under the Google Index option.
7. Click on Create a new removal request.
8. Paste the copied url in the box.
9. Then click on continue.
10. Then click on submit request.

Your process complete! A few minutes take to remove finally. At this time your request will be in pending.


1. Your broken links removal request will not accept instantly, some times will take for this.
Tips & Warnings.

2. You can cancel the pending request if you want. There is ‘cancel’ option for performing the task.

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