Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Quick Math Typing Using Formula

To create document we often need to type mathematical equation. There is no necessary mathematical symbol in key board. But you need to type many mathematical equation. In insert menu, selecting Object and selecting Microsoft equation, it can be possible different types of mathematical equation. But it is very troublesome and creates problem during edit. In this system, created equation can not always move and edit easily. To solve this problem, you can use mathematical formulas.

Learn how to type mathematical equation using formula:

1. To type in this way, at first open a new Microsoft word document.
2. Press Ctrl+F9. 
3. A block including second bracket {|} will appear on the screen.
4. To get ¾ fraction write eq \f(1,2) in the block. 
5. Then hit Enter Key.

Thus, you can create different kinds of fraction using formula.

Mostak Ahmed

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