Thursday, August 29, 2013

Windows 8 activation 100% guarantee!

Are you looking for a proper solution to activate windows 8? I can feel that most of the people face a lot of trouble to activate windows 8. In this tutorial, I'll show how to activate windows 8 with windows 8 activator. To activate windows 8, you have to download windows 8 activator. The download link have been provided below. Besides, you may need to install .Net Framework 3.5 before the windows 8 activation if your windows doesn't yet have installed it .

1. At first, click the direct link below to download windows 8 activator. Click here to download windows 8 activator.
2. Click show in folder. 
3. Copy the download file.
4. Paste it in new folder. (create a new folder and paste it)
5. Then click right button.
6. Then click on Extract Here.
7. Double click on the file.
8. Then double click on Check Activation All.
9. Click yes.
10. Then click OK.

• Your activation is 100% complete!

Note: To run this activation, .NET Framework 3.5 must be needed if your windows doesn't have installed. In this situation, install .NET Framework 3.5 before starting activation process.

After completing the installation, pressing Windows+Pause Break key, you can will see the following status on your PC.

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