Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How to do bootable pen drive to run operating system.

We know that operating system starts computer. Sometimes, operating system cannot start computer for different reasons. If computer is unable to start computer, a CD or DVD (bootable) is needed to start. But, there is no CD ram or DVD ram drive in notebook computer. It might be troubled too. Therefore, pen drive can be used as bootable drive to run computer. If the operating system is kept setting in this bootable pen drive, computer can be run with it installing operating system. To do this is not difficult at all! Just follow the following tutorial:

1. At first, insert the pen drive in USB port.
2. Go to run menu (or press windows key+R).
3. Write cmd and press enter key.
4. Write diskpart and writing here list disk press enter. It will show including index number of pen drive.
5. If your pen drive is 1, write select disk 1. 
6. Then write clean and press enter.
7. Write create partition primary and after writing select partition 1 press enter.
8. Then write active and hit enter key.
9. To format the pen drive- Format FS=NTFS.
10. Wait until format complete.
11. Write Assign and hit enter.
12. Come out through Exit. 

Work is complete!

Thus your pen drive will bookable to run the operating system.

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