Friday, August 16, 2013

How to save file with password and how to remove password.

We create different documents in Microsoft word. Any file opens if anyone click on open button of any word file. Thus, anyone can know or steal your documents opening the file. But, you want that only you will open your file. In this case, you can use a password that will work like a key. Only you can only open your file as the password or key word other don't know except you. Computer will want the password in the time of opening the password saved file. The file will open if only the right password is given.

You can save any file with password in the following attempts:

1. At first, open your Microsoft word document file.
2. Then, click on the office button that is situated in the top left of the ms word.
3. Click Prepare option.
4. Then, click Encrypt Document option.
5. Create a password as your own wish.
6. Then, click OK button.
7. Then you have to provide the created password again that is called reentering password.
8. At last, click OK button. Thus, you can save any kind of document with password.

How to remove password

1. To remove password at first you have to click Save As button.
2. Then, click Word Document button.
3. Then go to Tools options and click General Options.
4. Remove password.
5. At last, click OK button to remove password. Thus you can change or remove password.

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