Monday, August 12, 2013

7 Steps to Download YouTube Video

YouTube provides different kinds of videos of varied interest. Among them, you can download your favorite in your computer. You can watch them whenever you want. At present, there are some websites that allow to get a link to download videos from YouTube. The ways of downloading any kind of YouTube video are given below:

1. At first, go to and copy the URL that you want to download.
2. Go to the website that allow to get a link to download videos from YouTube. Click here.
3. Paste Url that you want to download.
4. Click download button.
5. Select any video quality that options are available under the download links. If you download best quality, click more quantity option. Getting best quality video, more MB and more time is needed. 
6. Then, you will show to start download. The required MB and download time will also show here. 
7. After completing download, click show all downloads button.
8. At the final step is to watch the download video. Click the download file and start to watch it.

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