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Using of 4 Important Tools For The New Bloggers

My today's post is a little bit different from my other posts on blog. Because, in that posts I discussed about the tools like labels, permalink, jump break etc. that are comparatively difficult than that of the today's one. My today's post is only for the new bloggers. New bloggers may hesitate about the using of the following several tools. For this reason, I've discussed about using of these tools. 

1. Spelling Checking Tool:

It is one of the important tools in blogger. We usually make spelling mistake during writing post in blog. This kind of mistake can easily be avoided using this tool. You know that when you make any spelling mistake, a red underline shows if you previously set this option in your computer. In the time of blog writing, to correct a spelled word, at first select the spelled word; then click on the check spelling tool icon (the screenshot of the tool are given below). A yellow color will be visible on the spelled word. Then click again the spelled word. Select the wright word in the scroll down. 

2. Remove Formatting Tool:

Text formatting is a great tool in blogger. The following red mark icon of the screenshot is called the 'Remove Formatting' tool.

Most of the bloggers do not write their posts in blogger online format rather they write in their Microsoft Word document format. Most of them publish a new post bringing or pasting from ms word file. The problem causes for this reason. When they paste the writing text that remain the previous format. Bloggers faces problems when they change font and alignment. See the example below:

I assume that most of the new bloggers face this problem. This problem can easily be solved using this tool. Just follow the following:

At first, select the text.
Then, click on the 'Remove formatting' tool.
Now you can give the expected change of the text as your own. 
After changing your text might be like the following screenshot.

3. Jump break Tool:

You have probably watched that there are some site provide opportunity of 'read more' link. In this system, you will see the summary of the post and at the bottom of post you see a 'read more' link. If you want to see the entire post, you have to click on the 'read more' link. Do you know how to create this 'read more' link in blog? Yes! this link is created by using this tool. See the screenshot below of the tool:

This tool save much time and labor of you. You know that to make a users friendly site is the one of the rules of Google. Read more link is one of the great feature of creating a users friendly site. To create read more link using this tool, at first you have to place the cursor in the bottom of the text that you want to show the users as post summary. You can know details about this tool.

4. Insert Image Tool:

As a blogger, generally you have to upload or insert image in your published post. Do you know which tool is used for uploading image in blogger? Yes! this tool (see the screenshot below) is used for this. In this system, you have to click on the 'insert image' icon and then you have to choose the image from the any location of your computer.

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